What is Cult of Motors?

We created Cult Of Motors to celebrate the vehicles we own and love. Vehicles that bring us excitement, adventure and the occasional oil stained driveway. We wanted to enjoy our vehicles even when we weren’t behind the wheel. So we designed a series of automotive inspired artworks using images of our own cars and trucks. We loved the results so much that we wanted to offer the same service to others. So we created Cult of Motors, where fellow enthusiasts can upload an image of their own vehicle, choose a design, add text, and get a framed artwork delivered to their door. It’s the ultimate way to elevate your passion. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


How does it work?

Start by choosing one of the designs from our collection. You will be guided through the customization process on the following page. Simply add your preferred text. It could be the name of your vehicle, make, model, year etc. Then upload an image of your car taken from the side, like in the examples shown. You will be guided through some photography tips on how to achieve the best results. Now you’re ready to add the poster to your cart and checkout. Within 48 hours you’ll receive a preview of your poster via email. From receiving the preview, you have 24 hours to refuse it and get your money back. If you accept it, or don’t refuse it within the 24 hours, we’ll print it and deliver to you within 5-9 business days.  Then you just have to decide on which wall to hang it…  


What size are the posters?

The Cult of Motors posters are available in two sizes

18x24 inches

50x70 cm


Do you ship to my country and what are the shipping costs?  

Instead of one centralized print hub, we print locally in over 30 countries, including the U.S, Canada, Japan, Australia, India, Russia, Brazil and all over Europe. This way we reduce up to 90% of print related transportation. Cult of Motors will ship to any country in the world.  Shipping cost are calculated at checkout and depends on your location.


What are your delivery times?

Normally 5-9 business days from the day preview is accepted.


Are frames included?

Frames are sold separately.


What payment options do you offer?

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal or invoice via Klarna. Please note that the payment options may vary depending on your location.


Do I have to pay customs?

If you live in the EU, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Mexico, India, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand or Norway you will not have to pay customs. If you live outside these countries please check your custom regulations, as all countries have different thresholds.


What paper do you use?

Our posters are printed on premium 200gsm eco-friendly matte paper to not only look fantastic, but last a lifetime.  


Who has created the design templates?

They are all created by Markus Hammarberg, one of the co-founders of CultOfMotors.  ”My day job sees me working as a designer, artist and photographer. I am a founding partner of Stockholm Design and co-founder of Drive Coffee. At award-winning, Los Angeles-based Stockholm Design Agency, we specialize in artwork and campaigns for the film and television industry. Drive Coffee combines the ritual of coffee drinking with the passion of motoring.  A couple of years ago I started the instagram account @islanddefender, Inevitably my car interest and professional life collided, and I began designing  concept art and poster designs for automotive art”


How do I contact you?

Send us an email: info@cultofmotors.com


Can I return my poster? 

Due to the custom nature of all of the products we produce at CultOfMotors, we are unable offer returns. Your custom artwork is designed with care and is personal to the photo you provided and your car.If you are unhappy with your poster, we ask that you reach out to our customer service team within 24 hours of receiving your delivery. We will work with you on making things right.